Dragon raised his head After a long time, the real emperor Shengshuang lost his mind for a long time, and wanted to take a look at Li Qiye s amazing and unparalleled fist like Zhenfeng Cangtian Quan , but when he finished reading this trick After the dragon looked up, the whole person was shocked.The shock of this move up Dragon Head Up brought her no less than Zhenfeng Cangtian Quan , because the simplest move, the simplest move up move, was deduced to the most complicated Wushuang Avenue, how many people can do it Even if this simple single move dragon heads up , it already contains the supreme way of the real dragon.The true emperor of the zodiac like her cannot be seen in a short time.What a shocking thing.Dragon looked up At this moment, the Purple Dragon Empress also stayed for a long time, unable to speak for a long time.The True Dragon Court is said to have the true dragon ancestry.They even call it the True Dragon ancestry.Some people even said that for the understanding of the True Dragon Avenue, no one in the world can match the True Dragon Court.Too.However, when Li Qiye performed such a move style Dragon Head Up today, the Emperor Zilong was suddenly lost.Such a simple dragon head up can evolve the way of the real dragon.Imagine that she, the owner of the real dragon court, can t do one tenth, no, even if they are the entire real dragon court.No one can achieve one tenth, even their ancestors of the real dragon court, I am afraid that it is not always possible to do such a simple move to evolve the true dragon.As for Heavenly Dragon Sovereigns and these strong men, they suddenly felt cold and sweating, and even were so scared that they could not stand upright.They used to look for Li Qiye s troubles, so now such a scene may be their end at that time.If at that time, there was no Purple Dragon Empress to stop them, he and the entire army would be blown into blood mist.At this time, Venerable Tianlong couldn t help but shudder, and I was very fortunate in my heart.Fortunately, there was Empress Zilong who stopped them.At this time, Venerable Dragon could not help but marvel, the wisdom of the Purple Dragon Empress really surpassed them.It feels a little.Li Qiye smiled faintly after putting his hands together.Tao, it s minimal.He said with a long, comfortable breath.He enjoys it very much.Of course, what he enjoys is not the kind of glory that defeated the Jinbian God of War in one move, or the kind of great record.What Li Qiye is enjoying at this moment is the ease and satisfaction of the minimalist road, which is like a master carving a perfect piece of art.

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When the Guangming Shengyuan needs them, they will certainly do their best.Hearing this, many people couldn t help but stay.For millions of years, Guangming The number of students enrolled in the Sanctuary is endless, and for millions of years, all students can also enjoy the resources of the Sanctuary of Light.The most important thing is that there is no requirement for any student to be loyal to Guangming Shengyuan for life.Such treatment, for some invincible genius, or nothing, but for those students of civilian origin, why not be grateful to Dade Seeing these tens of millions of legions, I don t know how many people were stupid at once.Everyone didn t know that Guangsheng Shengyuan had so many legions and had such a strong background.In the minds of many people, the Holy Ghost is just a school based tradition, but today, it has completely changed everyone s impression of the Holy Ghost.This is a poke to the Ma Honeycomb.Seeing so many reinforcements in the Bright Sanctuary, many ancestors were pale.Boom, boom, boom At this time, a burst of roar sounded, and these legions that came to support were surrounded by the army of the light to the army of Jinbian Shenting.The catastrophe is coming, this is regarded as a warm up maneuver At this time, Lord Governor personally commanded the legion and carried out an outscribing of the legion of Jinbian Shenting.Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, heavenly misunderstanding, all Taoists, all Taoists, our Jinbian Shenting has no disrespect for the Holy Light, and no disrespect.This time, all the ancestors of Jinbian Shenting were scared.Senseless.For a moment, the entire battlefield stopped, and the army of Jinbian Shenting immediately retreated and reorganized the formation.Boom At this moment, ancient palaces flew over and appeared in the sky, one figure after another emerged, and there were old figures appearing in the ancient temple, the atmosphere is ancient.If you want to extinguish the gold into the Divine Court, the Immortal Demon Road will be counted together.At this time, a sweet and sexy voice sounded, and a peerless beauty appeared in the ancient palace.Longevity Palace Emperor Some people were very surprised to see this sexy and imperial woman.How come the Immortal Demon Path has come, even so many hidden elders in the Changsheng Hall are born, what is this for For a moment, even the ancestor level figures could not understand.Many people look at me, I see you, because the immortal hall of the Immortal Demon System rarely appears.It has been said that there are many elder ancestors in the immortal hall, but these elder ancestors are not born.

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