Creating Outdoor Magic for a Rustic Waterfront Cabin

One of the inherent rewards of Northwest living is the proximity to water for recreation and enjoyment of the outdoors. We’re blessed with abundant opportunities, with 76 lakes in the Spokane area and 14 in Spokane County alone.

While most of our clients come to us asking for backyard design ideas, we were particularly enthused about the potential of working on this A-frame cabin project on the Pend Oreille River. We knew this would be special from the moment we met the homeowner, a local photographer with a deep appreciation for the outdoors.

From Steep Slopes to a Family-Friendly Area

The top priority was maximizing their outdoor living while maintaining the quintessential natural and rustic cabin vibe. As with the majority of our projects, this one wasn’t without challenges. The steep slope from the cabin to the water would require extensive earthwork and grading. Additionally, the cabin lacked patio space, lawn, or defined areas on the property.

Working with the homeowners, we created a plan for a larger, more functional deck, complete with a fire pit and a dedicated lawn area for games and children’s play. We also revamped the beach area to allow plenty of room for sunbathing and sandcastle building.

The renovated deck took advantage of the sloping lot, where a storage area and lower-level deck could be integrated below. The revamped lawn layout leads down to a fire pit perch located halfway between the water and the cabin and allows easy access to the beach from the cabin.

The earthy color tones and natural materials complemented the cabin’s surroundings while providing structure to the yard. With the slope and narrow shape of the lot, we were careful to ensure the design harmonized with the landscape and maximized the stunning views of the river.

Let’s Design Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space

When we reflect on this project, our favorite feature is the new deck and patio system. It significantly extends the cabin’s living space. This Pend Oreille A-frame really is the epitome of life on the water.

We hope you’ll reach out to Blend Outdoor Design in Spokane Valley, WA when you’re looking for backyard design ideas, whether for a lake cabin, a mountain chalet, or a suburban home. We promise to listen closely to your vision and build the perfect backdrop for endless adventures and memories with friends and family.