Rockford Bay Retreat

What makes the perfect lake getaway? Great views of a beautiful lake, check. Easy access to the water, check. Add those to a reimagined mid-century inspired retreat on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene and you have the perfect combo for long lasting memories.  One of the initial challenges for the design was finding a way to connect the residence with the beach, which are located 40 feet apart vertically. Our design incorporated a unique stairway that subtly staggered its way down the slope towards the dock. Perched lower on the hillside is a mid-level lawn area for games and seating which take advantage of a couple mature cherry trees. While the hillside slope facing the lake was intended to have a more natural feel, the areas closer to the residence are a bit more polished. Simple layouts for lawn, planting and hardscape allow for the architecture to take center stage while the landscaping stays simple and understated. A large deck facing the lake offers stunning views while a courtyard in the front offers another option to enjoy a book, a drink or sit by the fire. We’re happy to have been a part of this collaboration. (pics by Tony Roslund)

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