This is Chris with Lauren. Lauren’s support and backing has been huge as Blend prepared to launch. Chris has long aspired to find his niche and start a business from scratch and the time for him was now. A culmination of passion and confidence boosted his trajectory towards the creation of Blend Outdoor Design.

After graduating from Washington State University in 2012 with a degree in Landscape Architecture, he worked locally for multiple well respected companies learning the industry and craft. Working in many facets of the industry gives him a unique perspective and skill set which has proven valuable early in his career. He hopes to expand on that experience and continue to grow as a professional and gain the respect of others in the region.

When the week is over he’ll be maximizing the weekend somewhere, Chris has a tick to travel. In the summers he is a regular in western Montana. During the fall he’s tailgating in Pullman with his group of fellow cougs! In between those fun times he and Lauren like to sprinkle as much travel in as possible.